While our single rail handrail system boasts cost-effectiveness, our double rail’s multi-directional, adjustable fittings also effectively reduce inventory and installation costs, as well as improve lead-times for contractors.

Featuring the same configuration principle as the rest of our range of Uni-Fit Handrail systems, the double rail’s two-rail design provides extra strength and support to the application and double the protection for pedestrians.

The double rail handrail is suitable for areas that require greater support and security than can be provided by the single rail. This application is commonly utilised on bridges, stairs and ramps, as well as in warehouses and factories.

double rail handrail on the bridge
double rail handrail
double rail handrail on a pathway
double handrail on warehouse stairs

Like all our Uni-Fit Handrail fittings, the double rail handrail features specially engineered universal fittings to connect handrail pipes of various diameters. Its multi-directional, controlled adjustment of the fittings allows raking of up to 80 degrees, eliminating any requirement for welding at installation.

Constructed to satisfy the requirements of AS/NZS 1170.1 and AS 1657, our range of Uni-Fit Handrails, including the double rail, are guaranteed to the highest quality. For more information, contact Metal Fencing Specialists or call us on 1300 904 284 today.