The triple rail handrail system features triple metal rail for extra protection and a continuous top level for a visually appealing barrier application.

The components of our handrail system include specifically engineered universal fittings which securely connect handrail pipes of various dimensions and angles. The adjustable, multi-directional fittings allow raking of up to 80 degrees with a no-weld assembly on site.

Our triple rail handrail system is adaptable and suitable for various indoor and outdoor applications that require security barriers such as walkways, factories, warehouses, loading docks, stairs, balconies, mezzanines and a lot more.

Our range of Uni-Fit Handrails, including the triple rail handrail, effectively prevents accidents by guiding pedestrians to use the appropriate walkways and by providing them with a sturdy rail to hold for safe movement.

road side protection with triple rail handrail
stairway fall protection with triple rail handrail
triple rail uni fit handrail

All of our Uni-Fit Handrail systems meet the requirements of AS/NZS 1170.1 and AS 1657, and are guaranteed to be of the best quality available in the market today. We supply and install only the highest quality handrails and perimeter fencing applications.

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