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Gilbert Rd Project

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For this project on Gilbert Rd, Metal Fencing Specialists installed Ramshield roadside crash barriers with MSKT end departure terminals, measuring approximately 1000m.

Products we installed for this project

RAMSHIELD® roadside guardrail installation on road

RAMSHIELD® Guardrail

The RAMSHIELD® guardrail is an innovative, high-energy containment road barrier designed for optimal safety. This guardrail meets MASH Test Level 3 standards, using standard W-Beam components and offering superior protection by redirecting vehicles away from roadside hazards.

Terminals​ at the end of guardrails on main road

Guardrail End Terminals

Guardrail end terminals play a critical role in anchoring road safety barrier systems, introducing the necessary tensile and flexural strength for effective vehicle containment and redirection. These terminals not only minimise damage from off-course vehicles, but enhance the overall strength and efficiency of the system, making them a vital component for road and highway safety.