Our guardrail and pedestrian fencing products at a glance:

Road Barriers

Metal Fencing Specialists are the leading service providers on a local scale when it comes to roadside guardrail products and guardrail installation.Our crash barriers meet Australian standards and we install all over NSW.We offer a range of guardrail systems and barriers which can be custom designed to suit any type of road configuration.

Our licensed installers have over 35 years’ experience performing guardrail installations for all types of roads and are highly trained in carrying out repairs on guardrails and end terminals, to restore road safety promptly and effectively.

Roadside Guardrails

Car Park Barriers

Metal Fencing Specialists are leading experts in the supply and installation of all types of car park barriers. We stock and custom design parking barrier products using the latest technology to ensure optimum vehicle security and pedestrian safety. Our customer base is comprised of government, commercial and industrial clients.

We can install car park barriers and guardrails in commercial and residential car parks, no matter the layout, size or the intricacy of the design.

The experienced team at Metal Fencing Specialists are fully licensed to install parking barriers in accordance with Australian Industry Standards for Urban Infrastructure (fences, guardrails and barriers).

Some recent examples of completed car park barrier projects within our portfolio include the Royal North Shore Hospital, Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL, and Toll Bungarribee Estate car parks.

Car Park Barriers

Warehouse Barriers

Warehouse sites typically house multiple hazards which pose high risks to the safety of people and equipment. Metal Fencing Specialists are dedicated to minimising safety hazards for those operating within the industrial, commercial and public domains.

We know how important it is for warehouse operators to fulfil their responsibilities to care for their staff and equipment. Which is why we stock a variety of warehouse barrier safety products that will serve the needs of your business, regardless of the size.

From the Rhino-Stop warehouse barrier for protecting your equipment and stock, to steel bollards for protecting your staff – you name it, we can supply it!

Warehouse Barriers


High Visibility. Preventing Nuisance Impacts.

Metal Fencing Specialists provides a wide range of bollards as part of their car park barrier range which are used to prevent unauthorised vehicular and highlight the safe passage of travel for pedestrians. Our bollards are hot dip galvanised prior to powder-coating providing a durable and highly visible solution.

Our bollards are available with pedestrian-friendly base plates or can be manufactured to suit in-ground installations.


Pedestrian Fencing

The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure have recently estimated that over the last five years, 1 in every 7 road fatality involved a pedestrian (DPTI, South Australia, 2017). This alarming statistic, combined with the significant proportion of people and vehicles sharing our roads on any given day, highlights the need for adequate safety measures to be taken to ensure the wellbeing of all road users.

Pedestrian fencing can be used to successfully separate people from traffic on our roads, for redirecting pedestrians away from hazards, site security and for car park safety.

Metal Fencing Specialists offer a range of pedestrian fencing products which are meticulously designed for the roadside protection of pedestrians.

Pedestrian Fencing

Security Fencing

Protection to Public Areas.

Security fencing are usually used in public areas, such as industrial and commercial areas, sports ground, schools, railways, etc. Metal Fencing Specialists provide a wide range of security fencing, including weld mesh fencing, crimped spear fencing and tubular fencing.

Security Fencing

Lapped & Capped Fencing

As the saying goes “your home should be your haven…”, so why not consider professional lap and cap fence options that will not only enhance the curb appeal of your property, but also add value to your home.

If you are looking for a fencing choice that is cost effective, durable and easy to install, then lapped and capped fencing is an excellent option for a boundary fence.

A lapped and capped fencing system consists of timber fence palings that are installed onto a metal frame leaving a gap of 30-50 mm between palings.

Lapped & Capped Fencing

Uni-Fit Handrails

Handrails can be installed to provide support and safety to pedestrians in numerous environments, such as along footpaths and extended walkways, on bridges and stairways and in warehouses and factories.

Metal Fencing Specialists supply and install hand railing systems using Uni-fit fittings – a modern alternative to traditional hand rail applications.  The Uni-fit handrail system is a new, innovative design, which is built to last and quick and easy to assemble and install, with no welding required.

Uni-fit Handrails are assembled from universal fittings, which enable different-sized railings to be connected at multiple angles, up to 80 degrees.  The adjustable fittings are more cost-effective than the old-style pre-made handrail systems and save time on installation.


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Please note that we only service New South Wales and are unable to do residential jobs.

    Our Clients Include

    Blacktown City Council
    Hansen Yuncken
    John Holland


    Take a look at some recent guardrail installation projects in NSW.

    Metal Fencing Specialists were contracted to supply and install RHINO-STOP®️ Type 4 and Type 1 car park barrier at the new multi-deck car park at the Rooty Hill RSL Club.

    Metal Fencing Specialists installed 8 metres of double gates for Penrith City Council. Fully fabricated, galvanized and painted. Metal Fencing Specialists and Penrith City Council have had a long standing relationship that goes back over 20 years.

    Metal Fencing Specialists was contracted by Hansen Yuncken to supply and install RHINO-STOP®️ car park barrier, our Uni-fit handrail system and dock extensions with rubbers.

    To comply with current standards Metal Fencing Specialists was brought in to install RHINO-STOP®️ on the new levels and upgrade the old levels to a current compliant barrier.