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T-18 Log Rail Road Barrier

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Protection that doesn’t compromise appearance.

The T-18 Log Rail is a fully crash-tested road barrier system which provides superior impact protection while displaying an aesthetically appealing look which compliments the surrounding environment. This unique safety barrier is manufactured from a combination of reinforced steel and pressure-treated 180mm diameter Douglas fir log and supported by steel C-posts.


T-18 Log Rail Road Barrier Gallery

T18 Log rail road barrier close up on road

Leading impact protection.

The T-18 Log Rail has been successfully crash-tested with posts spaced at 2m and 4m centres. The barrier has been installed across the world and is the leader in the mixed wood and steel guardrail industry.


  • Manufactured with pressure-treated Douglas fir
  • Steel backing on the logs is factory-fitted, providing fast installation
  • Steel C-posts are timber clad
  • The posts are driven directly into the ground
  • Crash tested in accordance with European Standard EN1317 Parts 1 & 2, Containment Class N2
  • Demonstrated containment of a 1500kg car travelling at 110km/h and 20 degrees
  • Posts are typically installed at 2-metre intervals

T-18 Log Rail Road Barrier FAQS

Yes the T-18 Log Rail is compliant with MASH test Level 2

T-18 Log Rail is available in 2m and 4m post spacings

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