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Connection to Bridges

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A seamless transition.

A connection to bridge is also known as a transition or bridge approach system. Connection to bridges are safety barriers and are required to provide continuity of protection when W-Beam or Thrie-Beam guardrail systems are connected to a different system.

Connection to Bridges Gallery

Silver finish Bridge guard rail near road

Made in accordance with the Australian state road authority.

Connection to bridge designs supplied by Safe Direction are manufactured in accordance with Australian state road authority requirements.

  • Provide continuity of protection between two barrier systems.
  • Gradually increases the stiffness from the semi-rigid to the rigid barrier.
  • Reduces the potential for vehicle pocketing at the abutment of the rigid barrier.
  • Hot dip galvanised in accordance with AS/NZS 4680.
  • Manufactured in accordance with state road authority requirements.
  • Transition lengths;
    • Victoria Transition: 10m.
    • Qld Type 3 Transition: 8m.
    • W-Beam to Thrie-beam: 6m.

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