Connection to bridges

Connection to bridges

A Smooth Transition.

A connection to bridge is also known as a transition or bridge approach system. Connection to bridges are safety barriers and are required to provide continuity of protection when w-beam or thrie-beam guardrail systems are connected to a different system

Connection to bridge designs supplied by Safe Direction are manufactured in accordance with Australian state road authority requirements.


    • Provide continuity of protection between two barrier systems.
    • Gradually increases the stiffness from the semi-rigid to the rigid barrier.
    • Reduces the potential for vehicle pocketing at the abutment of the rigid barrier.
    • Hot dip galvanised in accordance with AS/NZS 4680.
    • Manufactured in accordance with state road authority requirements.
    • Transition lengths;
      • Victoria Transition: 10m.
      • Qld Type 3 Transition: 8m.
      • W-Beam to Thrie-beam: 6m.