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RHINO-STOP® Type 3 Car Park Barrier

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Energy-absorbing, semi-rigid parking barrier.

Modern businesses requiring the latest innovation in parking barriers will find what they are looking for in RHINO-STOP® Type 3.

This modular parking barrier is AS1170.1 compliant, featuring a modular design suitable for an assortment of installation configurations. It can be utilised as a standalone security post and W-Beam guardrail or with balustrade and mesh infill attachments. The RHINO-STOP® Type 3 with its flexible design and rapid install feature offers a great fit whatever your site security requirements may be.

RHINO-STOP® Type 3 Guardrail Gallery

RHINO-STOP® Type 3 Car Park crash barriers at warehouse dock

AS/NZS 1170.1 compliant.

Perfect for light traffic locations and wherever fall protection for pedestrians is required, the RHINO-STOP® Type 3 is able to withstand 30kN impact load while reducing damage to both the ramming vehicle and the security barrier via its energy absorbing feature.

A full-scale crash test guarantees that the RHINO-STOP® Type 3 safety barrier complies with and exceeds the requirements of AS/NZS 1170.1 for Light Traffic Areas.

  • Semi-rigid, energy-absorbing.
  • Full scale crash tested to evaluate performance and compliance.
  • Modular design. Can be configured to accommodate a balustrade or mesh infill when fall protection is required.
  • Increased system stiffness when compared to flexible barriers.
  • The system facilities cross flow ventilation in high rise car parks.
  • Compliant to the 30kN impact load described in AS/NSZ 1170.1 for Light Traffic Areas.
  • Demonstrated reserve capacity – exceeds the requirements of AS/NZS 1170.1 for Light Traffic Areas.
  • Maximum post spacing: 2m.

Even better space utilisation while maintaining impact protection.

Its semi-rigid parking barrier configuration allows for greater space utilisation, maintaining integrity and reliability at a maximum post spacing of 2 metres. It also facilitates cross flow ventilation to ensure supply of fresh air inside enclosed locations such as high-rise car parks.

Learn more about RHINO-STOP® Type 3 and how this system can help secure your property, by contacting Metal Fencing Specialists or calling us on 1300 904 284.

RHINO-STOP® Type 3 Car Park Barrier near steel mesh fencing with black finish

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