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Handrails and Balustrades

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Handrails and Balustrades can be installed to provide support and safety to pedestrians in numerous environments, such as along footpaths, extended walkways, bridges, stairways, warehouses, and factories.

Metal Fencing Specialists supply and install the Uni-Fit Handrail system – a modern alternative to traditional handrail and Balustrade applications.  The Uni-Fit Handrail system is a new, innovative design built to last and is quick and easy to assemble and install, with no welding required.

Uni-fit Handrails and Balustrades are assembled from universal fittings, which enable different-sized railings to be connected at multiple angles, up to 80 degrees.  The adjustable fittings are more cost-effective than the old-style pre-made handrail/balustrade systems and save time on installation.

The Uni-Fit system is available as a single-rail handrail, double-rail handrail, or triple-rail handrail and is manufactured to adhere to the requirements of AS/NZS 1170.1 and AS 1657.

Call Metal Fencing Specialists on 1300 904 284 to enquire about this handrail/balustrade product, or click on the products below for further details.

Our Handrails and Balustrade Fencing

Single Rail Handrail

Our Uni-Fit Handrail system connects pipes of multiple sizes at multiple angles, eliminating the need for welding during assembly.

Single handrail with green finish installed in park
Double rail handrail near footpath

Double Rail Handrail

The double rail’s two-rail design provides extra strength and support to the application and double the protection for pedestrians.

Triple Rail Handrail

The triple rail handrail features triple metal rail for extra protection and a continuous top level for a visually appealing barrier application.

Triple handrail system installed near walkway
Handrails installed in warehouse


Adjustable fittings provide a multitude of handrail/balustrade combinations, replacing more than 100 fittings used with traditional pre-fabricated systems.

Our Recent Balustrades Installation