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Car Park Barriers

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Metal Fencing Specialists are leading experts in the supply and installation of all types of car park barriers. We stock and custom design parking barriers using the latest technology to ensure optimum vehicle security and pedestrian safety. Our customer base is comprised of government, commercial and industrial clients.

We can install car park barriers and guardrails in commercial and residential car parks, no matter the layout, size or intricacy of the design.

We supply and install the following Car Park Barriers In NSW


RHINO-STOP® Elite Car Park Barrier is a fully crash-tested, modular guardrail system which features superior impact protection and a unique architectural design.

Rhinostop® elite guardrail installed around warehouse with black finish
RHINO-STOP® car park vehicle barriers with yellow finish


The semi-rigid RHINO-STOP® Type 1 car park crash barrier system is ideal for spaces with lighter traffic.


This modular parking barrier is AS1170.1 compliant, featuring a modular design suitable for an assortment of installation configurations.

RHINO-STOP® Type 3 Car Park Barrier near steel mesh fencing with black finish
Rhino Stop Car park barrier next to wheel stops in parking spaces


If your property needs to meet the requirements of AS/NZS 1170.1, update your car park barrier system with RHINO-STOP® Type 4.


RHINO-STOP®️ 240 car park barrier is specifically designed to provide impact protection during high speed, high energy collisions.

Rhino Stop guard rail near security fencing in warehouse
RHINO-STOP® Truck Guard Crash Barrier with silver finish in front of warehouse dock

RHINO-STOP® Truck Guard

Truck Guard is fitted with pedestrian-friendly RHS post sections welded to a specially engineered, high-impact absorbing base plate.

Spring Steel Buffers

The yielding action of the spring steel buffer system minimises damage to the vehicle and the barrier.

Spring steel buffers carpark in warehouse carpark