Car Park Safety Barriers

At Metal Fencing Specialists, we are leading experts in the supply and installation of all types of safety barriers, including car park barriers. We stock and custom design parking barrier products using the latest technology in vehicle, pedestrian, and security safety to government, commercial and industrial clients. There is no reason to put the safety of your clients, employees or residents at risk by failing to install car park barriers which meet Australian standards.


Why does your car park needs safety barriers?


Pedestrian safety

Car park barriers protect pedestrians from vehicle impact while accessing thoroughfares and provide continuous protection when positioned along walkways to shops, lifts or businesses.

Minimise car park damage

Without parking barriers, vehicles at low or high speeds can easily chip, dent or crack structural beams and security fences. This can result in not only a safety hazard for users and vehicles but can also threaten the stability of the car park foundations.

Minimise vehicle damage

Ca park safety barriers, when engineered and designed with the latest technology, should have the ability to absorb and deflect impact away from vehicles and equipment.


Our Products

  • RHINO-STOP® car park barriers use the latest technology and meet Australian standards (AS1170.1 compliant). They have been crash-tested to absorb and deflect impact and provide protection to vehicles, pedestrians, and car park structures and are available in three types:
    • RHINO-STOP® Type 1 – barrier only, idea for conserving space
    • RHINO-STOP® Type 3 – barrier with nearside handrail; an excellent option for warehouses with its raised height and w-beam design
    • RHINO-STOP® Type 4 – barrier with 1100mm fall protection; trusted by councils and national companies, this car park barrier provides energy absorbing, reduced dynamic deflection for minimised damage and optimum security for vehicles and people
  • Spring Steel Buffers: these car park barriers are built to absorb the energy of impacting vehicles in order to minimise damage to both the safety barrier and vehicle itself.



We install car park barriers at commercial and residential car parks, no matter how large or small or how complex the design. Our experienced team is certified to install parking barriers as per Australian standards, and with ease thanks to the barriers’ modular design which reduces the amount of labour required.

At Metal Fencing Specialists we value our clients, and we listen to and understand your needs before providing professional advice on the best options to provide maximum protection to pedestrians, vehicles and equipment.

For more information on our range of car park safety barriers, call us on 1300 904 284 or complete the form on the right.


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