Pedestrian Fencing & Safety Barriers

Metal Fencing Specialists offer a range of pedestrian barriers and fencing which is used as an effective safety barrier to protect pedestrians on the side of the road by absorbing low to moderate impact from vehicles.

Our pedestrian fencing is also designed with an anti-climb feature and enables pedestrians and traffic to be visible to each other. Popular applications for this type of fencing include schools, businesses and public recreational facilities such as parks and sports grounds.

As well as separating people from traffic on the road, our pedestrian barriers can be used for channeling pedestrians away from hazards and for site security and car park safety.


Our Products

Pedestrian Fencing Type 1

This pedestrian barrier offers a superior anti climb design, making it very difficult to scale, even for the most athletic individual. The Type 1 pedestrian fencing is an ideal and economical security fence for businesses, as well as an effective deterrent to crossing roads, especially when used in conjunction with traffic lights.

Pedestrian Fencing Type 5

Apart from separating pedestrians from hazards such as high traffic worksites or roadways, pedestrian barriers also absorb impact and deflect the force of collisions, thereby protecting pedestrians, other vehicles, structures and properties.

Both Pedestrian Type 1 and Type 5 pedestrian barriers meet state road authority standards and are made of hot dip galvanized steel for superior durability.  Both types of pedestrian fencing are also powder coated in black to blend in with the immediate area.

Alternative Fencing

Metal Fencing Specialists also offer a basic pedestrian fencing system with the fundamental purpose of separating and restricting the movement of pedestrians. This product is available in steel and offers anti-climb features.



With over 35 years of experience, Metal Fencing Specialists install high-quality safety barriers which meet Road Authority and Australian Standards. We have completed a range of projects installing pedestrian fencing in residential, public and commercial areas and properties throughout Sydney and New South Wales. We also repair and replace pedestrian fencing and safety barriers to restore the safety of users as soon as possible.

For more information on our range of pedestrian fencing and safety barriers, call us today on 1300 904 284 or complete the form on the right for a quote.


Pedestrian Fencing Type 1 Pedestrian Fencing Type 5Alternative Pedestrian Fencing