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Pedestrian Fencing

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Pedestrian fencing can be used to successfully separate people from traffic on our roads, for redirecting pedestrians away from hazards, site security and for car park safety.

Metal Fencing Specialists offer a range of pedestrian fencing products which are meticulously designed for the roadside protection of pedestrians.

Our pedestrian fencing systems have an anti-climb feature which enables visibility between pedestrians and traffic and are carefully constructed to absorb low to moderate impact from vehicles.

With over 35 years’ experience, we have completed a range of projects installing pedestrian fencing barriers in residential, public and commercial areas and properties throughout NSW and around Australia.

All pedestrian fencing products supplied and installed by Metal Fencing Specialists strictly adhere to Australian Road Authority and Safety Standards.

Whether you require pedestrian fencing barriers for a school, business, industrial or recreational facility, Metal Fencing Specialists will have the right product for you.

View our range of pedestrian fencing products below and find the RMS fencing option that is most compatible with your safety requirements or call us on 1300 904 284.

Our Pedestrian Fencing

Pedestrian Fencing Type 1

Type 1 RMS fencing is hot-dip galvanised prior to powder coating. This RMS fencing option ensures superior durability and a long-lasting finish.

Pedestrian fencing in walkway of train station
Pedestrian Fencing barriers installed in Orange NSW near pedestrian crossing

Pedestrian Fencing Type 5

Type 5 RMS fencing specifically provides an effective safety barrier for people by absorbing low to moderate impacts from vehicles, making this a top quality RMS fencing option.

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