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Guardrails & Road Barrier Products

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Metal Fencing Specialists supply and install road barrier products, guardrails and pedestrian fencing across Sydney and NSW. Our installers have over 35 years’ experience of performing guardrail installations for all types of roads and are trained in carrying out repairs on guardrails and road barriers.

We supply our guardrails and road barrier products to councils and NSW Roads and Maritime Services and all products meet State Road Authority and Australian Standard Requirements. For more information, including features and technical specifications, select a product category below.

Our Range of Guardrails

Roadside Guardrails

Metal fencing Specialists can supply and install W-Beam Guardrails, Thrie-Beam Guardrails, Ezy-Guard, End Terminals and more.

RAMSHIELD® roadside guardrail installation on road
Rhinostop® elite guardrail installed around warehouse with black finish

Car Park Barriers & Guardrails

Our car park barriers and guardrails include the RHINO-STOP® range which is the latest innovation in modular car park design.

Warehouse Barriers

Our warehouse barriers include the RHINO-STOP® Type 1 and RHINO-STOP® Truck Guard barriers.

RHINO-STOP® Truck Guard Crash Barrier with silver finish in front of warehouse dock
Stainless steel bollard installed in carpark


Bollards are an essential element of car park safety. We offer cast in bollards, base plated bollards, removable bollards and more.

Pedestrian Fencing

Our safety barriers are built to absorb all types of impact. Take a look through our pedestrian fencing range.

Pedestrian Fencing barriers installed in Orange NSW near pedestrian crossing
Crimped Spear fencing in front of warehouse

Security Fencing

Our security fencing systems can be installed in public, industrial and commercial areas. We offer a range of security fencing solutions.

Timber Fencing

Timber fencing is an excellent option for a boundary fence that is cost effective, durable and easy to install.

close up shot of timber fencing
Triple handrail system installed near walkway

Handrails and Balustrades

Whether you need a single, double or triple handrail system – we can supply and install a uni-fit system for any environment.