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Palisade Fencing

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Reliable, Secure, Effective

Favoured by many due to its strength and versatility, palisade fencing is a common sight around schools, train stations, and industrial areas. Consisting of 40X40 SHS Horizontal rails with 25×25 Crimped Spear Pickets welded through them. It is commonly used to protect all areas by providing strength and security yet being aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Palisade fencing provides long-term security while being reasonably priced. Designed to be difficult to climb while being a sufficient deterrent for potential intruders, all while providing value for money.

For more information and any enquiries about palisade fencing or any other security fencing options, contact Metal Fencing Specialists today or call us at 1300 904 284.

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Please note that we only service the Sydney region and are unable to do residential jobs.

    Palisade Fencing Gallery

    Silver Palisade fencing for warehouses with crimped tops