RAMSHIELD® guardrail is an innovative, high-energy containment road barrier known for its simplicity and performance. It has been full-scale crash tested to MASH Test Level 3 and assembly is fast and straight-forward.

We are proud to be able to supply and install RAMSHIELD®, which is designed and manufactured by Safe Direction. This Australian road barrier has set a new standard in guardrails and is designed to reduce the severity of run-off-the-road collisions by protecting and redirecting vehicles away from potential roadside hazards such as trees, poles, culverts and embankments.

The RAMSHIELD® barrier system uses standard W-Beam guardrail and fasteners. The collapse mechanism of the posts makes them suitable for use in deep asphalt and concreted strips, which can often affect the performance of heavier post systems.

rhino-stop barriers installed
rhinostop barrier installation


  • Compliant to MASH Test Level 3
  • Impact energy level exceeds AS/NZS 3845 compliance
  • Additional crash testing at 110kph
  • Latest innovation and advancement in guardrail designs
  • Assembly of the barrier is fast and straight-forward
  • Compatible rail height with all guardrail end terminals and transitions


  • Post spacing: 2 metres
  • Post length: 1560mm
  • Narrow width: 180mm
  • Hot-dip galvanised in accordance with AS/NZS 4680
ramshield guardrail system installed sydney
metal fencing ramshield road crash barrier
ramshield crash barrier ramshield guardrail system installed sydney


How wide is RAMSHIELD® guardrail?

RAMSHIELD® has a very narrow system width of 180 mm

What is the height of RAMSHIELD®?

The RAMSHIELD® guardrail system complies to MASH Test Level 3 with installed heights of between 730 mm and 820 mm

How long are the RAMSHIELD® posts?

The RAMSHIELD® post length is 1560 mm