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Protection to Public Areas.

Security fencing is essential for maintaining safety, enhancing privacy, and preventing unwanted access. Certain areas may be legally obligated to install it, such as industrial and commercial complexes, sports grounds, schools, and railways.

Metal Fencing Specialists provide high-quality and durable solutions that will stand the test of time. Our range of premium security fencing includes weldmesh fencing, crimped spear fencing, tubular fencing and palisade fencing. Whatever your security fencing needs are, our wide range of styles and features means that we have the right solution for you and your budget.

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Our Security Fencing


Our welded wire mesh panel is made of superior quality welded mesh, with flat and even surface and firm steel security fencing structure.

Weldmesh steel security fencing provides various benefits, such as efficient security, a durable design, resistance to weather with ease of installation. Its design is also aesthetically pleasing, blending in with your project without compromising security. This steel security fencing is long lasting and requires minimal maintenance, making it ideal for all types of projects and setups.

Security Fencing and car park barriers installed around warehouse car park
Crimped Spear fencing in front of warehouse

Crimped Spear

Crimped spear security fencing is very popular in industrial, commercial and higher-density areas.

The powder coated finish with various colours and the heavy duty security gates make it aesthetically appealing, and its durable design with various heights make it an ideal choice for your project when it comes to protection and deterring intruders.


Tubular fencing provides a good solution with various heights and finishes to suit pool fencing, safety security fencing and gates.

Tubular security fencing comes in various heights to suit different types of projects. The average height is 1.2 metres and is also available up to 2.4 metres for extra security where necessary. A full range of traditional colours are available and you can choose from various styles.


Tubular fencing near road with black finish
White palisade fencing installed at warehouse


Palisade security fencing is common in schools, train stations, and industrial areas due to its strength and versatility.

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