Just because a car park barrier is temporary, does not mean it is not strong or reliable. On the contrary, it should be tamper-resistant and provide sufficient protection throughout the duration of its installation.

Lockable and removable bollards provide temporary vehicular and pedestrian access without compromising the security of your property. These car park installations are highly utilised in locations where vehicular and pedestrian traffic is normally prohibited, but may be authorised on certain occasions, as in the case of loading and unloading bays.

Other than being strong and impact-resistant, lockable and removable bollards also need to be aesthetically configured. They must be highly visible, lock securely in place yet quick to remove, provide the necessary guidance to the flow of traffic, and leave no unsightly marks when they are replaced or removed.

lock and removable bollards safety barrier
lock and removable bollard safety barrier

Our range of lockable and removable bollards are made of heavy-duty steel, hot dip galvanised before being powder coated to ensure durability and dependability. They are designed to provide you with access control where and when it is needed the most. The bollards’ easy install and remove features make them the ideal security solutions in areas that require temporary security access.

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