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Ezy-Guard Smart Guardrail

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The Ezy-Guard guardrail is made to reduce driver impact risks.

The Ingal Ezy-Guard Smart guardrail crash barriers impose lower forces to the impacting vehicle than traditional roadside guardrails. As the crash barrier deflects, vehicle impact energy is dissipated which as a result, reduces occupant risk. The Ezy-Guard guardrail has lightweight, ductile Z-posts that provide a forgiving impact, reducing ride-down deceleration forces and minimising vehicle damage.

The Ezy-Guard Smart guardrail’s lighter Z posts give it a significant advantage over other types of guardrail systems, and this has been shown in its ability to minimise damage and alter the direction of pick-up trucks weighing at 2270 kg at 100 km/h.


Ezy-Guard Smart Guardrail Gallery

Ezy-Guard Guardrail with silver finish rear road

High vehicle containment.

The yielding action of the Z-posts on the Ingal Ezy-Guard Smart guardrails reduces risk to vulnerable road users whilst providing high vehicle containment to MASH TL3.

It is compliant and commonly used for projects involving main roads, with Z posts that are 1600mm in length, with the top of the posts above ground measuring 720mm. The W-beam rail also measures at 730mm above ground level.

  • Safe
  • High performance
  • Light
  • Fewer parts
  • Rapid installation
  • Narrow width
  • Consideration for motorcyclists
  • Ezy-Guard Smart Z-Post Length: 1.6m.
  • Ezy-Gard Smart Z-Post Mass: 12.3kg.
  • Ezy-Guard Smart System Mass: 18.6kg/m.
  • Rail Height Above Ground: 730mm.
  • Z-Post Height Above Ground: 720mm.
  • Z-Post Spacing: 2m.
  • Ezy-Guard Smart system Width: 200mm.
  • MASH TL3 Crash Test Deflection: 1.65m.

Ezy-Guard Smart Guardrail FAQS

The width of the Ezy-Guard Smart Guardrail is 200 mm and it is one of the narrower options for guardrails.

The Ezy-Guard Smart Guardrail is 730 mm high above ground.

No, the Ezy-Guard Smart Guardrail features a unique connection using an Ezy-Carriage. This is used to secure the w-beam rails to the posts, which eliminates the need for blocking pieces and rail stiffening plates. This results in a soft ride-down for the occupants as well as smooth vehicle containment and redirection.

The Ezy-Guard Smart rails and Z-posts are manufactured from hot-rolled steel flat products (in accordance with AS/NZS 1594) that are hot dip galvanised after fabrication (in accordance with AS/NZS 4680), leaving no surface untreated.

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