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BIKER-SHIELD™️ Guardrail

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Reduce the severity of impact for motorbike riders.

The BIKER-SHIELD™ motorcycle safety barrier system is designed to reduce the severity of impacts for bike riders who collide with the w-beam guardrail barrier, through the use of spring mounting brackets and corrugated beams. BIKER-SHIELD™ is secured below the w-beam guardrail panel and is designed to prevent a dismounted motorcyclist from contacting the supporting posts of the road barrier.

BIKER-SHIELD™️ Guardrail Gallery

BIKER-SHIELD™️ Guardrail in ground near trees

Straightforward installation. Uncompromising protection.

The flexibility of BIKER-SHIELD™ means it can be installed as part of a new RAMSHIELD® guardrail barrier installation or retrofitted to an existing w-beam guardrail without the need to dismantle the existing barrier.

  • Crash tested to comply with MASH Test Level 3
  • Compliant to AS/NZS 3845.1:2015 Road Safety Barrier Systems & Devices
  • Designed for attachment to RAMSHIELD® Guardrail
  • The flexible mounting bracket connects directly to the w-beam guardrail panel
  • The face of BIKER-SHIELD™ aligns with the face of w-beam guardrail to reduce the chances of rider snagging
  • Panel section lengths: 4.0m
  • Mounting bracket spacing: 2.0m
  • System mass: 5.9 kg/m
  • Material: 350Mpa yield steel
  • Hot-dip galvanised


BIKER-SHIELD™ guardrail has been crash tested to comply with MASH Test Level 3

BIKER-SHIELD™ is designed to be attached to the RAMSHIELD® guardrail system and is positioned below the W Beam guardrail panel

The panel sections are 4 metres in length

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