Roadside Guardrails

Roadside guardrails are a necessity in order to protect people and to prevent vehicles from veering off the road into dangerous areas.  Throughout the years, roadside guardrail designs have evolved in to comply with Australian road safety standards and as a result there are a number of products available depending on your project’s specifications.

Metal Fencing Specialists can supply and install the following products:

W-Beam Guardrail with C-Posts – This guardrail has been adopted for use in NSW, QLD, SA, WA and creates driver confidence by reducing wheel snagging and the consequential effects of rolling over.

Thrie Beam with C-Posts – this guardrail is a stronger version of the W-Beam and is less prone to damage during low/moderate speed vehicle impacts.  Compliant to AS/NZS 3845.

Ezy Guard – This high performance guardrail system imposes lower forces to impacting vehicles rather than traditional guardrail barriers. MASH TL3 Crash Test Deflection 1.65m.

End Terminals – Designed to provide a soft impact for vehicles that strike the leading or trailing end of a barrier.

Crash Cushions – Protects motorists from impacting the end of concrete barriers and other hazards and can be adapted in both temporary and permanent roadside locations.

Connection to bridges – Also known as Bridge Approaches, these systems are used in order to protect W-Beam or Thrie Beam guardrails which are connected to a different system. Hot dip galvanised in accordance with AS/NZS 4680.

For more information or a quote on the supply and installation of any of our roadside guardrail systems, please phone us on 1300 904 284.

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