Roadside guardrails are important for low and high traffic areas where speed limits range from 50 km/h – 110 km/h.

Guardrails help to protect:

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Guardrails not only protect drivers and their vehicles from the detrimental effects of rebounding, vaulting or rolling over, they also offer protection to pedestrians and property.

Metal Fencing Specialists supply and install road barriers which meet Australian standards and have been adopted for use nationwide. We offer a range of guardrail systems which can be custom designed to suit any type of road configuration.

Our licenced installers have over 35 years’ experience performing installations for all types of roads and are highly trained in carrying out repairs on barriers and end terminals, to restore road safety promptly and effectively.

Our years of experience coupled with our great customer service has allowed us to gain long term contracts with councils and private companies, who appreciate our premium quality road barrier products and the expertise of our installers.

For more information on our range of guardrails for sale or our other road barrier safety products, select a product below. Or for an obligation free quote, contact us today on 1300 904 284.

Our Range of Guardrails:

MASH Testing

MASH stands for the Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware and was originated in the US. Here in Australia, Austroads Safety Barrier Assessment Panel (The Panel) accepted MASH as the new testing standard in 2018 and it is now used for the purpose of testing and evaluating road safety barriers.

There are five different Test Levels for categorising guardrails ranging from TL1 to TL5, learn more about these levels below.


1,100 kg & 2,270 kg at 100 km/h
36,000 kg at 80 km/h


1,100 kg & 2,270 kg at 100km/h
10,000 kg at 90 km/h


1,100 kg & 2,270 kg at 100km/h


1,100 kg & 2,270 kg at 70km/h


1,100 kg & 2,270 kg at 50km/h