Brifen Wire Rope Road Barrier has been fully crash-tested to meet MASH Test Level 3 (TL3). The system comprises round steel posts which support 4 tensioned wire ropes; the posts are supported by concrete footings which contain plastic voids which are designed to help with installation and repair.

The Brifen road barrier system is flexible in that it can be installed on the verge or on the median to help prevent cross-over impacts. Impacting vehicles are restrained by the tensioned cables while the posts yield by bending almost to ground level.

Brifen is widely recognised as the leading wire rope safety barrier across the world.

wire rope road safety barrier installation
brifen road barrier installed


  • MASH Test Level 3 compliant
  • Soft vehicle containment and redirection
  • Unique weave pattern limits dynamic deflection by transferring loads away from the impact zone
  • Non-release terminal ends allow the system to remain anchored after impacts
  • Rapid removal of posts following impact
  • Hot-dip galvanised components


  • 1270mm round posts support the 4 wire ropes
  • Rope heights: 890mm, 710mm, 530mm, 355mm
  • Concrete footings: 300mm wide, 900mm deep
  • Embedment depth: 300mm
wire rope safety barrier installation in sydney
brifen wire rope road crash barrier in nsw
brifen wire rope road barrier sydney

Brifen Wire Rope FAQs

Is Brifen Wire Rope MASH compliant?

Brifen is compliant to MASH test Level 3.

How tall is the Brifen Wire Rope system?

The Brifen rope system has four ropes, the heights of these are 890mm, 710mm, 530mm and 355mm. The embedment depth is 300mm.