The W-Beam Guardrail system is the most commonly used roadside safety barrier system Australia-wide.

The key reason for its popularity and widespread use is that it consists of a post and block design, which has been crash tested as being highly effective in the reduction of snagging and preventing vehicles from vaulting or rolling over the safety barrier.

Test results have shown that in vehicle accident scenarios involving W-Beam Guardrails, the crash energy is significantly absorbed by the rotation of the posts and through the surrounding soil before the separation of the guardrail. When the guardrail and posts separate, the rail forms a re-directive ribbon, guiding the vehicle away from the nearby hazard and reducing the chance of the vehicle hurdling over the barrier.

w beam guardrail system
w beam guardrail crash barrier


  • High visibility, promoting driver safety and confidence
  • Reduces wheel snagging and the consequential effects of vaulting or rollover due to its Post and Block design (which combines the flexible resistance of a rigid guardrail with the bending resistance of the supporting posts)
  • Performs well on the outside curves, even those of relatively small radius, as the concave shape supports the development of tension in the rail
  • Suitable for use in verge or median locations as well as straight, concave and convex roads sections
  • Can be configured to integrate handrails and restructured to accommodate various rail configurations (including single rail w-beam, double rail w-beam and thrie-beam rail)


  • 2m standard post spacing
  • Height to top of rail:
    • 710 mm (SA & NSW)
    • 730 mm (QLD & WA)
  • 1.0m Dynamic deflection at 2.0 m post spacing
  • 30 m minimum length (recommended)
  • 600mm minimum distance between the rear of the system and the hinge point of the batter (recommended)
w beam guardrail with c post
w beam guardrail road barrier
w beam guardrail roadside safety barrier

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Our W-Beam Guardrail system has been manufactured in strict compliance with Australian Road Authority specifications for your peace of mind.

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W Beam Guardrail FAQs

What is the most common guardrail design?

The most popular guardrail design is a W Beam guardrail system supported by a c-post and steel blocking piece

What is the spacing between posts for the W Beam guardrail system?

Standard W Beam post spacing is 2 metres, however in Victoria it’s 2.5 metres

What is the finish of the W Beam guardrail system?

The system is hot-dip galvanised, including the posts, W Beam guardrails and blocking pieces