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Thrie Beam Guardrail

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Reinforced strength and improved longevity.

The Thrie-Beam shares similar characteristics with the W-Beam Guardrail. Much like the W-Beam, the Thrie-Beam also consists of a post and block design which reduces wheel snagging and the possibility of the vehicle hurdling over the guardrail barrier.

The additional corrugation which is featured in the Thrie-Beam Guardrail stiffens the system, making it less prone to damage during low-moderate speed vehicle impacts, providing a comparatively sturdier guardrail barrier system that can withstand greater impact force. It also allows higher mounting of the rail, which increases the ability to contain vehicles larger than standard passenger cars under some impact conditions.


Thire Beam Guardrail Gallery

Thrie Beam barrier on road near trees and homes

Australian Road Authority Compliant.

All our guardrails are strictly manufactured to meet Australian Standards. The Thrie-Beam can be installed on verges or medians and even on small curves in the road, with the option of standard blocking installation or with modified blocking pieces for heavy vehicle impacts.

  • Supplied in Hot Dip galvanised form (for reinforced strength and improved longevity) ready for installation
  • Additional corrugation in rail element stiffens the system making it better able to encounter larger impact
  • Shields hazards located in close proximity to the edge of the roadway
  • Post and Block design reduces wheel snagging and the consequential effects of vehicle roll over occurring
  • Performs well on the outside of curves (even those of small radius) as concave shape supports the development of tension in the rail
  • Can be used in verge or median locations
  • 2m Standard Post spacing
  • Height to top of the rail:
    • 805 mm (SA &WA)
    • 825 mm (QLD & WA)
  • 0.6m dynamic deflection at 2.0m post spacing
  • 30m minimum length (recommended)
  • 600 mm distance between the rear of the system and the hinge point of the batter (recommended)

Thrie Beam Guardrail FAQS

Thrie beam guardrail has more corrugation and is a more robust version of the w beam guardrail. Its design means it can contain larger impacts

Standard installed post spacing is 2 metres

Thrie beam is supplied ready for installation and all components are hot-dip galvanised

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Please note that we only service the Sydney region and are unable to do residential jobs.

    Thrie-beam guardrail specialists.

    Metal Fencing Specialists have over three decades of experience in the supply and installation of guardrail systems and safety barriers. Our professional installers have completed Thrie-Beam projects on freeways, residential streets and private roads all over NSW.

    To enquire about our Thrie-Beam Guardrail product range, or for an obligation free installation quote, call Metal Fencing Specialists today on 1300 904 284.

    W-Beam Guardrail safety Barrier in grass