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Add value to your property.

If you are looking for a fencing choice that is cost-effective, durable, easy to install and adds value to your property, then a timber lap and cap fence is an excellent option for a boundary fencing system. A lap and cap fence system consists of timber fence palings that are installed onto a metal frame leaving a gap of 30-50 mm between each paling.

The lap and cap fence palings are then installed centrally over these gaps, overlapping the first run of paling – to provide ultimate privacy and reinforced fencing durability.

Ready to be installed.

Metal Fencing Specialists are leading experts in the supply and installation of security paling fencing.

We stock a variety of quality timber and treated pine modular lap and cap fence with a metal frame, to suit your DIY needs.

At Metal Fencing Specialists, we supply materials for DIY installation or supply and erect.

Instructions are provided for level and sloping sites regarding DIY projects.

  • security
  • increased visual privacy
  • landscaping protection
  • Top rails
  • Mid rails
  • Bottom rails
  • No nails
  • Identical finish on both sides

Send an enquiry

Please note that we only service the Sydney region and are unable to do residential jobs.

    Have your timber fencing installed by us.

    If you prefer to have your timber lap and cap fence installed by our expert team, our licenced tradesmen will happily provide hassle free on-site installation upon request.

    Our experienced team are guaranteed to complete work on time, with no delays.

    You can rest easy knowing that our company offers warranties on all our workmanship, and all our products strictly adhere to Australian Standards.

    Fee estimates and consultations can also be provided to assist you in making the right fencing choice.

    If you would like to enquire about our lap and cap fence systems, or you're interested in receiving an obligation-free quote for professional installation, contact Metal Fencing Specialists today on 1300 904 28.

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