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Warehouse Barriers

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Warehouses typically house multiple hazards which pose high risks to the safety of people and equipment. Our warehouse barriers are designed to minimise safety hazards for those operating within the industrial, commercial and public domains.

We supply and install a variety of warehouse barriers from the RHINO-STOP® range of guardrails for protecting your equipment and stock to steel bollards for protecting your staff and pedestrians.

We can also provide customised warehouse safety barriers upon request.

Our warehouse safety barriers feature a sturdy design that is specially engineered to withstand the toughest impacts from heavy vehicles. They can also be manufactured to accommodate multiple rail configurations at various heights, to provide protection against high centre of gravity vehicles such as forklifts.

All our products are designed in compliance with Australian Industry Standards and are installed by our fully licenced expert team.

For more information on our range of warehouse barriers, select a product below, or for a consultation with our staff about how you can make your workplace or project site a safer place, contact Metal Fencing Specialists today on 1300 904 284.

Our Warehouse Barriers


RHINO-STOP® Elite Warehouse Barrier is a fully crash-tested, modular guardrail system which features superior impact protection and a unique architectural design.

Powder coated black Rhinostop® elite guardrail warehouse barriers installed around warehouse depot
Yellow RHINO-STOP® Type 1 Guardrail Safety warehouse barriers installed around warehouse car park near fencing


The semi-rigid RHINO-STOP® Type 1 warehouse barrier system is ideal for spaces with lighter traffic.


RHINO-STOP®️ 240 warehouse barrier is specifically designed to provide impact protection during high speed, high energy collisions.

Rhino Stop 240 warehouse barriers installed in warehouse near fencing
RHINO-STOP® Truck Guard Crash Barrier installed around warehouse car park and entrances

RHINO-STOP® Truck Guard

Truck Guard is fitted with pedestrian-friendly RHS post sections welded to a specially engineered, high-impact absorbing base plate.

Rigid Post Systems (Baseplated)

Rigid post systems feature robust post sections that can be installed in-ground or on base plates.

Rigid post system barriers installation in warehouse car park
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