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Guardrail End Terminals

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Providing protection and tensile strength.

Guardrail end terminals are the specially designed end pieces of a W-Beam or Thrie-Beam safety barrier system. End terminals may be used to provide a soft impact for vehicles striking the leading or trailing end of the barrier.

Guardrail end terminals are also important for stopping vehicles from steering off roads and bridges, preventing further severe injuries to occupants as well as other drivers.

Guardrail End Terminal Gallery

Guardrail End Terminals in grass near road

Even safer vehicle containment.

End terminals are also used to anchor the road safety barrier system and introduce the necessary tensile and flexural strength required for safe vehicle containment and re-direction throughout the length-of-need section.

Guardrail end terminals are an integral part of minimising the damage from erratic vehicles, as the guardrail end terminals anchor the entire system, providing more strength and efficiency when it comes to deflecting impacts and redirecting speeding vehicles.

They are commonly seen on roads and highways, due to their efficiency in reducing vehicle impacts while also providing increased safety to drivers

It is a requirement that all guardrail safety barrier system be adequately anchored at each end with an appropriate end terminal.

For a safer option when it comes to your next project, Metal Fencing Specialists guardrail end terminals are an ideal option for protecting pedestrians, drivers, and occupants. Get in touch with us today at 1300 904 284 for more information on different variants and installations for your project.

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