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Universal fittings.

Uni-Fit Handrail features specially engineered universal fittings to connect handrail pipes of various diameters. The multi-directional, controlled adjustment of the fittings allows raking of up to 80° and eliminates any requirement for welding during the assembly process. The adaptability of Uni-Fit Handrailing makes it suitable as car park barriers and warehouse barriers.

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Silver Handrails installed near Footpath and trees

Simple, no weld assembly.​

The adjustable fittings provide a multitude of handrail combinations, replacing more than 100 fittings used with traditional pre-fabricated handrail systems. This significantly reduces inventory, improving lead-times for contractors and reduces installation costs. In addition, the risks associated with matching traditional pre-fabricated sections to finished construction sites is eliminated as the Uni-Fit handrail is adjusted during assembly to suit site requirements.

Uni-Fit handrail is constructed to satisfy the requirements of AS/NZS 1170.1 and AS 1657.

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