Featuring specially engineered universal fittings, our Uni-Fit Handrail system connect handrail pipes of multiple sizes at multiple angles of up to 80 degrees, eliminating the need for welding during the assembly process.

The assembly process is minimised with the no-weld design, and the adjustable fittings that make way for different handrail combinations eliminates more than 100 fittings used with traditional pre-fabricated handrail systems.

Our single rail handrail is particularly cost-effective, providing adaptable design that suits various environments including car parks and warehouses, as well as extended walkways and footpaths. The components are adjusted on site to ensure correct installation of the handrail system.

single rail uni-fit handrail
pathway rail with single handrail
single handrail installation in the pathway
single rail handrail

Our Uni-Fit Handrail range is available as single, double and triple rail handrail systems, and adheres to the requirements of AS/NZS 1170.1 and AS 1657.

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